Contractors: Providing Solution for Transit Challenges

As more public transportation agencies reach out to transit contractors for more cost-effective and efficient service, contractors are reporting the need to get creative when dealing with tighter budgets and increased rider demand. We spoke to a handful of private

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Roadrunner Management Services Awarded a Nine-Year Contract With VCTC Intercity Transit

CAMARILLO, Calif., — Roadrunner Management Services, Inc. of Camarillo received unanimous approval by the Ventura County Transportation Commission to continue operating its VISTA bus system under a nine-year contract. The Commission’s Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority (VISTA) connects cities in

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Roadrunner Shuttle adds Corporate Safety Manager

CAMARILLO, Calif., — Roadrunner Shuttle has expanded its management team with the recent addition of Samuel T. Dulin Sr. as the company’s new corporate safety manager. Dulin is the former safety manager for Horizon Coach Lines, which acquired Coach America

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