Fixed Route

busRoadrunner is a leader in the transit industry and is a proven strategic partner for both public and private agencies when it comes to fixed route transportation solutions. No matter how big or small your need is, our experienced management staff work with you and your organization to create a custom service that fits your requirements and budget. We are dedicated to providing safe, comfortable and reliable service that your riders will enjoy.

Experienced management team

We employ highly-trained and experienced management staff to ensure excellent customer service and professional communications.

Cost-efficient solutions

We are a strong partner that works with you to create a transportation solution that aligns with your budget without compromising quality.

Strict maintenance plan

Whether you use our vehicles or we maintain your fleet for you we adhere to stringent maintenance standards, including preventative maintenance, to deliver reliable and safe transportation for your riders.

Highly-skilled drivers

All of our drivers receive 120+ hours of training including courses in safety and defensive driving. Drivers must also undergo comprehensive background checks and submit to random drug testing.


Roadrunner is capable of equipping and managing vehicles with the latest technology solutions to fit the needs of your fixed route system.  Our IT personnel are experienced in integrating modern technologies such as Wifi, LED signage, Automatic Voice Annunciation (AVA) system, state-of-the-art farebox system, GPS and more.

To speak with a Roadrunner Management Services representative, call 1 (800) 247-7919