Drivers & Staff

Our safety culture begins with hiring the right people. All Roadrunner employees, from our executive management staff to our daily operators, are highly trained to always practice the highest safety standards and preventive strategies. At Roadrunner, safety is more than just a procedure; it’s something that is ingrained in our everyday operations and driver actions.

Driver Safety

All drivers undergo comprehensive background checks, random drug screenings and more than 120 hours of training including courses in defensive driving and periodic refresher courses and programs.

Quality Assurance

We implement quality assurance programs to ensure safety protocols are being enforced using strategies such as road supervisors and mystery riders. Additionally, our safety managers review drive cams to verify safe driving behavior is being employed.

Our Safety Experts Are Always On-Call

Roadrunner’s highly-trained dispatch department operates 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our dispatching methodology utilizes the latest technologies and is always ready and available to provide efficient service delivery that is consistently safe, reliable and on-time.