busAn important component of our safety culture is how we maintain and manage our vehicles.

Vehicle-specific training

Every time new vehicles are introduced into our fleet, we document and provide the necessary training to qualify drivers, the dispatchers, and management. Often times we even have the vehicle manufacturers come out for specific training for the maintenance department.

Organized maintenance procedures

Our strict maintenance and inspection program focuses on preventative maintenance which ultimately minimizes road calls and maximizes longevity of our fleet. All maintenance records are kept in physical form as well as in our advanced Fleetmate software. Our immaculate record keeping in this software allows us set preventative maintenance appointment reminders and run reports based on vehicle inventory, fuel economy and vehicle usage stats, service maintenance and repair costs and more.  This process allows us to keep vehicles reliable and reliable as well as reduce the costs of pricey mechanical breakdowns.

Full-service yard

All vehicles housed at our corporate office’s fleet yard, which includes on-site wash bays, a dumping tank, and diesel and alternate fueling stations. Our yard is actively monitored and operating 24/7/365 days, under closed circuit surveillance.