Technology and Safety at Roadrunner Management Services

Roadrunner Management Services engages a full-time in-house IT support team to ensure safety, quality and on-time operations.  RMS develops and integrates multiple systems and software opportunities depending on our clients’ needs.  Our IT personnel can integrate on-board Wi-Fi, LED signage, Automatic Voice Annunciation (AVA) system, state-of-the-art farebox systems, GPS tracking, automated email announcements to riders and dispatchers based on delays and more.

RMS also employs technology-based solutions that enhance safety and service, especially for passengers with special needs. We are experienced in equipping vehicles with Q-straint securement devices to meet the needs of rider requiring wheelchairs or scooter. Additionally, we can equip vehicles with LED signage and Voice Annunciation (AVA) systems keep passengers, especially those who are visually impaired and hearing challenged, informed of stops and other key information automatically.